Yes. In fact, we have some of the highest coverage available in the industry. Our coverage includes employee fidelity, general liability, auto liability, workers compensation and cargo.
Yes. All drivers wear a company shirt which is embroidered with our logo and company name. Additionally, all drivers have a photo identification badge.
All scheduled services are quoted based on a number of factors. First, we consider the needs of the client. This includes pick-up and delivery addresses, as well as the preferred times and days of service. We then match those needs to our existing routes and provide a price quote based on the final cost to perform the service(s). We also provide pricing for dedicated routes and deliveries.
Absolutely. In fact, we make thousands of deposits per day and we are qualified vendors for most banks in Southern California. Many times, in fact, we can take your deposit directly to a bank's processing facility and thereby avoid having to wait in line at a branch. Cash is excluded from our liability (checks only, please!)
On-Call - or "On Demand" - is just that. These are random services that you require throughout the day and they change from day to day. A good example of this type of service is for the legal profession. We are called upon to do court filings (we service all courts in Southern California), and various deliveries which do not occur on a regular basis. Scheduled "Route" Service, on the other hand, has preset days and times for services on a recurring basis.


  Statewide Courier Service has set the bar to the highest standard in our industry by providing excellent, fast, efficient, and economical delivery service to our clients.

Our number one goal is not to meet our client's expectations, but to far exceed them.
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